Financial Audit for Startups

Why do we need Financial Audits?

More credibility to investors
Better opportunities in financing rounds
Less financial risks - more liquidity
Better bookkeeping and accounting
Financing process is simplified

Advantages of an audit

More Credibility and Security

An audited annual financial statement shows shareholders, suppliers, social security and tax authorities a greater degree of credibilityand security on.

Better Credit Conditions

Because the audit of the financial statements gives more credibility, you will get better conditions for loans and mortgages from banks.

Potential for improvement can be found

Auditors are able to better identify potential for improvement in your company. The bookkeeping and the internal control system are thus greatly improved.

Better bookkeeping and accounting

Clean bookkeeping is a basic requirement for a successful business. With an audit, errors can be detected and corrected in time.

Why should I choose blueAUDIT?

Audits without unnecessary extras

We perform financial audits under Swiss law and without unnecessary services and meetings costing CHF 250 per hour. blueAUDIT stands for quality and transparency!

Automated audit procedures

We are pioneers in the use of automated auditing tools! This enables us to carry out financial audits quickly and comprehensively, with fewer queries and transparent prices thanks to the cost calculator.

Targeted audit approach

Financial audits are done in few and clear steps, without round trips. We apply the Swiss auditing standards all the time.

Audit work done by CPAs

In blueAUDIT only approved CPAs are performing the complete audit work, something that is not common in the audit industry. That means less requests, more quality and expertise for you!

Bexio and Run my Accounts connectors

If the bookkeeping is already done with Bexio or Run my Accounts, then the audit will be even easier and cheaper for you. Audit procedures are more efficient.

We are a startup too

blueAUDIT is also a startup and for this reason we know the The needs of startups are better. You pay a lot less with us.Financial audits for everyone!

What does blueAUDIT offer for startups?

Limited Statutory Audit

1290 Fr.

Full Statutory Audit

3440 Fr.

Audit of Capital Contribution

400 Fr.

Review as PS 910 / ISA

1075 Fr.

Change of Legal Status

1075 Fr.

Increase of Capital

1290 Fr.

Payment of Capital

1290 Fr.

Other Services

215 Fr.

  • Auditors for more than 60 companies
  • Clear and fair costs
  • Audit experts with many years of experience
  • Solid quality assurance thanks to external inspection