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    Traditional financial audits
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The cost calculator is the basis for calculating our fees. As auditors, we want to give transparency and trust. For that reason blueAUDIT offers a transparent fee structure with fixed hourly rates. We strongly avoid to charge you unnecessary hours.

In order to fulfill every time our legal duties as statutory auditors and in order to ensure the quality, a fee correction could be necessary (numbers of hours). That would be the case if your inputs about your company are not matching the real situation of the entity

However, you can be always sure, that we will communicate any additional hour needed or potential delays in advance. By doing so, we want to avoid additional costs for you. The first consultation hour is also free and of course without obligations!

In order to compare the fees of traditional financial audits, we have calculated the required time of an average audit and multiplied this with an hourly rate of CHF 250. In order to make the comparison fairer, we took the lowest hourly rate from our competitors instead of the average rate that is CHF 320.

The time required is also based on empirical studies, as well as on published calculations of other audit firms. Our comparison is also consistent with the “Federal Law against Unfair Competition (UWG)”, as well as with the Swiss Code of Obligations and the Auditor Oversight Act. In addition, we are applying the independence regulations. Because we are not part of any organization of any professional association, we can offer more customer-friendly prices and terms.

blueAUDIT GmbH is obliged by law to conduct an external review of some audits types. The quality is also controlled and ensured by external auditing firms by preparing an audit quality report of blueAUDIT. Every time we need to renew the audit license, the authorities need to review audit quality report. Finally, it is in our interest to provide high quality audit work.

In the traditional financial auditing and in the audit industry, it is common that most of the audit work is performed by assistants. blueAUDIT stands for quality and expertise. For that reason, the audits are completely performed by licensed CPAs. At the end, you are paying less for much more quality. In addition, fewer inquires are sent to you, since experienced people are working in your audit.

With our audit software, we are able to perform the audits qualitatively and can be carried out in a few hours. There is added value for you and for the Swiss economy because almost 100 % of all transactions can be analyzed. We want to save this time effectively.

Limited Statutory Audit

1290 Fr.

Full Statutory Audit

3440 Fr.

Audit of Capital Contribution

400 Fr.

Review as PS 910 / ISA

1075 Fr.

Change of Legal Status

1075 Fr.

Increase of Capital

1290 Fr.

Payment of Capital

1290 Fr.

Other Services

215 Fr.

  • Auditors for more than 60 companies
  • Clear and fair costs
  • Audit experts with many years of experience
  • Solid quality assurance thanks to external inspection