Limited Statutory Audit

Limited revision 2.0
High quality, efficient and cheaper!

Limited revision already startingCHF 1290

Your Advantages

Limited revision with full price transparency
Targeted approach with clear steps
Work is done entirely by experts
Fast and comprehensive, thanks to new testing tools
Sollid experience and solid quality assurance
More knowledge and audit security through the limited audit

Benefits of Limited Statutory Audit

More Credibility and Security

The restricted check demonstrates a higher level of credibility and security for shareholders, suppliers, social security and tax authorities.

Better Credit Conditions

Because the limited audit of the financial statements gives more credibility, you will get better terms for loans and mortgages from the banks.

Potential for improvement is recognized

Auditors are able to better identify potential for improvement in your company. The bookkeeping and the internal control system are thus greatly improved.

Better bookkeeping and accounting

Proper bookkeeping is a prerequisite for a successful business. With a limited revision, errors can be detected and corrected in good time.

From 2023, an audit must be carried out in the event of capital loss or over-indebtedness!
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blueAUDIT GmbH - Auditing 4.0

blueAUDIT GmbH is an auditing expert

As an approved audit expert, blueAUDIT GmbH may carry out limited and ordinary audits.

Audit work done by CPAs

In blueAUDIT only approved CPAs are performing the complete audit work, something that is not common in the audit industry. That means less requests, more quality and expertise for you!

Limited revisions with no unnecessary extras

We carry out limited audits under Swiss law without unnecessary services and consultations at CHF 250 per hour. blueAUDIT GmbH stands for quality and transparency!

Guaranteed quality assurance

The high quality of our revisions is checked by an external review in accordance with the Swiss Quality Assurance System (QS1).

Bexio and Run my Accounts connectors

If the accounting is already done using Bexio, Winbiz or Run my Accounts, the limited audit will be even easier and cheaper for you. Audit procedures are carried out more efficiently because the recorded documents are reconciled much more quickly.

We are happy to work with your trustee

We are happy to work with your trustee to carry out the annual audit. Because we are not involved in the accounting and are independent, there are no more unnecessary disclosures in your annual report!

Enough time for revisions

If the financial year ends on December 31 ends, the limited revision can be completed by June 30th. take place. The auditor can be changed at any time. There are no extra costs with us!

Banks love us

Because we can also work with the latest banking standard ISO 20022, We coordinate invoices more efficiently with booking journals. This saves you valuable time!

Limited audit obligation

More than 10 full-time positions

There are more than 10 full-time positions (annual average) in the reporting year

Opting-in required

1 shareholder requested the limited audit

No opting out

No shareholders or associates have declared that they will not have an audit

Our path to limited revision

If the financial year ends on December 31 ends, the revision can be completed by June 30th. take place.

The auditor can be changed at any time. There are no extra costs with us!
  1. 1
    Fill the form

    You fill out the inquiry form (without obligation)

  2. 2

    We will contact you by phone. You will receive a list with the required documents by email.

  3. 3
    Entry in the commercial register

    We register the new auditor with the commercial register office. For free!

  4. 4
    Service of documents

    You receive a list with the required documents.

  5. 5

    We carry out the limited audit.

  6. 6
    Discussion and report delivery

    The results of the revision are discussed together. The report with the annual accounts will be sent to you.

  • Auditor of more than 170 companies
  • Clear and fair costs
  • Audit experts with many years of experience
  • Solid quality assurance thanks to external review