Independency of the Financial Auditor

Because we do not offer an escrow service, we are 100% independent!

Legal revision already from CHF 1'290

Your Advantages

Audit with full Price Transparency
Targeted approach with clear steps
Work is done entirely by experts
Fast and comprehensive, thanks to new auditing tools
Sollid experience and solid quality assurance
More insights and audit assurance

Advantages at blueAUDIT GmbH

No disclosure due to accounting

Because we are not involved in the accounting and are independent, there are no more unnecessary disclosures in your report.

Better Credit Conditions

Because the audit of the financial statements gives more credibility, you will get better terms for loans and mortgages from the banks.

Analysis of internal control systems

With the analysis of internal control systems, the weaknesses of a company can be better identified.

Better bookkeeping and accounting

Proper bookkeeping is a prerequisite for a successful business. With a revision, errors can be detected and corrected in good time.

More Credibility and Security

An audited annual financial statement shows shareholders, suppliers, social security and tax authorities a greater degree of credibilityand security on.

Potential for improvement is identified

Auditors are able to better identify potential for improvement in your company. The bookkeeping and the internal control system are thus greatly improved.

Legal basis for independence

The auditors must be independent and form their audit opinion objectively. The independence must not be compromised either actually or apparently.

Art. 729 para. 1 Code of Obligations

The cooperation in the accounting and the provision of other services for the company to be audited are permissible. If there is a risk that the company's own work will be audited, suitable organisational and personnel measures must be taken to ensure a reliable audit.

Art. 729 para. 2 Code of Obligations

The auditors shall submit a written summary report of the results of the audit to the General Meeting. This report contains:

Information regarding independence and, where applicable, participation in accounting and other services provided to the company being audited.

Art. 729b para. 1 item 3 Code of Obligations

Consequences for the audit if the trustee also carries out the audit*

Mention in the audit report sequence Carrying out of accounting work by the auditors
Higher risk rating (medium risk) due to participation in bookkeeping
Higher auditing costs because further auditing procedures have to be carried out due to the medium auditing risk

*According to the Swiss Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Auditing of EXPERTsuisse

blueAUDIT GmbH - Auditing 4.0

Audits without unnecessary extras

We carry out audits according to Swiss law, without unnecessary services and consultations at CHF 250.00 per hour. blueAUDIT GmbH stands for high quality and transparency!

Guaranteed quality assurance

The high quality of our revisions is checked by an external review in accordance with the Swiss Quality Assurance System (QS1).

Complete audit of the ICS

Thanks to new technologies we are able to conduct the audit quickly and in depth. This will save you valuable time!

Audit work done by CPAs

In blueAUDIT only approved CPAs are performing the complete audit work, something that is not common in the audit industry. That means less requests, more quality and expertise for you!

blueAUDIT GmbH is an auditing expert

As an approved audit expert from the audit supervisory authority (RAB), blueAUDIT GmbH can carry out complex audits. The quality requirements are therefore higher.

We are happy to work with your trustee

We are happy to work with your trustee to carry out the annual audit. Because we are not involved in the accounting and are independent, there are no more unnecessary disclosures in your annual report!

Enough time for revisions

If the financial year ends on December 31 ends, the revision can be completed by June 30th. take place. The auditor can be changed at any time. There are no extra costs with us!

More than a report!
KPIs and analyses for free!

We will provide you with free information about the financial status of your organisation with KPIs and analyses.

  • Auditor for more than 150 companies
  • Clear and fair costs
  • Audit experts with many years of experience
  • Solid quality assurance thanks to external review