Automated financial audits - Audit 4.0

Audits without unnecessary extras

We perform financial audits under Swiss law and without unnecessary services and meetings costing CHF 250 per hour. blueAUDIT stands for quality and transparency!

Automated audit procedures

We are pioneers in the use of automated testing tools! We are able to perform faster and extensive audits, with fewer queries for our clients.

Targeted audit approach

Financial audits are done in few and clear steps, without round trips. We apply the Swiss auditing standards all the time.

No hidden costs

Compared to the traditional financial audits, where suddenly unnecessary working hours are incurred, you get a clear cost estimate on our website!

Audit work done by CPAs

In blueAUDIT only approved CPAs are performing the complete audit work, something that is not common in the audit industry. That means less requests, more quality and expertise for you!

More insights for you - More assurance

Our audit tools analyze up to 100% of all transactions. Accounts are audited in depth, rather than part of it. New insights like KPIs are part of the audit report!

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Audit Quality Assurance

We analyze everything

We analyze up to 100% of all transactions and accounts, instead of 5-15% as in traditional financial audits.

Data Analytics & KPIs

For the audit procedures we use Data Analytics & KPIs in order to increase the assurance.

Swiss Audit Standards

We work with the Swiss Audit Standards of EXPERTsuisse (Swiss CPA) and in accordance to Swiss law.

blueAUDIT GmbH is a licensed "audit expert" firm

As a licensed audit expert firm by the
Federal Audit Oversight Authority (RAB), blueAUDIT is authorized to perform complex financial audits.

Solid experience

The team comes from the largest audit firms (Big4) and has audited global companies and SMEs.

Guaranteed quality assurance

The quality of our audits are reviewed and improved continuously with external reviews as in accordance to the Swiss quality assurance system (QS1).

Your advantages - Our work

Certified chartered accountants

The audit work is done completely by certified chartered accountants. It is not done by audit assistants with hourly rates of CHF 250 as in traditional financial audits.

Clear and fair costs

Automation makes audit testings faster by decreasing costs around 33%. You get cheaper and better audits. The hourly rate is just CHF 215.

More than an Audit Report! KPIs and Analysis for Free!

We provide you free insights about the financial health of your organization including KPIs and analytical factsheets.

Not more audit disclosures due accounting work

Because we are not involved in the accounting of your organization and because we are independent, there are no unnecessary disclosures in your report anymore.

No more extra charge between January to March

As in contrast to traditional financial audits, we don't charge extra costs in the busy season (January until March),

Audits with enough time

If the financial year ends on 31.12, the audit can take place until 30.06. The auditors can be replaced at any time. We don't charge any extra costs!

blueAUDIT Traditional financial audits
Cost range - Limited Statutory Audits 1'170 - 6'435 Fr. 3'250 - 14'400 Fr.
Who performs mostly the audit work? Licensed CPAs Audit Assistants
Cost per hour 215 Fr. (Fix) 250 Fr. (250 to 400 Fr.)
Lump Sums (Meals / Transportation) Free of charge Not free of charge
Working method Automated - Audit 4.0 Manually
Analyzed transactions / bookings 100% 5-20%
Report with KPIs Free of charge Not free of charge
Change of external auditors and registry Free registry change
First consulting hour for free
Not free, extra costs can be charged due change of auditors
Extra charge for busy season No Yes
Audit disclosure due performed accounting work Nothing, because we are not a Swiss trust Yes, most of the Swiss trusts are performing the accoutning for their clients


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