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Do you no longer want to offer auditing services?
Do you need a successor for your audit clients?
Are you looking for a competent partner that only offers audit services?


... is the solution!

Become a partner of blueAUDIT!

blueAUDIT is completely independent!

blueAUDIT does not belong to any network or group, and is complete independent. We therefore only offer auditing services and nothing nothing more!

We only offer audit and no other services!

We only offer audit services . Because of the independence we are not working in the fiduciary and tax area

We are the future of the industry!

blueAUDIT is the future of auditing and auditing. Using the latest technologies, we ensure that audits become more qualitative and faster .

Automated audit procedures

We are pioneers in the use of automated testing tools! This enables us to carry out audits in a flash and comprehensively through and according to Swiss law.

Targeted audit approach

Revisions are carried out by us in few and clear steps. This ensures shorter processing times and qualitative revision work, as well as satisfied customers.

Attractive conditions

We enjoy working with partners. Therefore we reward the cooperation with special financial conditions in order to grow together.

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Your Advantages

Fewer customer queries, more customer service

Thanks to the latest technologies and thanks to us, customers are once again the focus of attention. They are questioned less and receive more information about the company instead.

More than a report! Data Analytics and KPIs!

For the analytical audit procedures we use Data Analytics & KPIs to make more precise statements.

More profitability

Thanks to automated accounting and auditing, simple and repetitive activities become faster!

Experts with IT knowledge

They are supported by RAB-approved experts who are also IT professionals. A good mixture to revolutionize the auditing world!

Partner Program Programm

  • Auditors for more than 60 companies
  • Clear and fair costs
  • Audit experts with many years of experience
  • Solid quality assurance thanks to external inspection